Benefits of Chinese Foot Massage

Chinese foot reflexology comes from a philosophy that a life force called Qi flows around the body. It is connecting each organ. It made from two opposite force yin and yang. According to ancient Chinese philosophy, this Qi can be unblocked by acupoints. The feet, hence, providing dense network of such acupoints that allow foot reflexology to unblock the life force. It can be happened through massaging the corresponding reflex point in the foot.

From the philosophy, the benefits of Chinese foot reflexology are able to optimize the body metabolism. In fact, it has been a valuable part of alternative medical breakthrough, Therefore, it is a good choice of health therapy. A regular foot massage can promote psychological as well as physical health.

Below are some of the benefits:

Improves Blood Circulation
Improves Digestive System
Promote Better Sleep
Fight Depression
Avoid Cardiovascular Disease
Relieves Pain
Soothe Many Diseases
Optimize The Nerve System


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