Streamer of the Week: Teggalicious

NinjasKMK by NinjasKMK on Dec 29, 2017

First of all, Congratulations on becoming Stream of the Week! Here is our interview with the Streamer of the Week: Teggalicious.

  • Can you tell me what made you start streaming?

    I started streaming because of streamers like summit and doc disrespect I always saw them having fun and I decided to try it out and I ended up loving coming home from work to do something I love doing.

  • What kind of games do you stream and what platforms?

    I stream just about anything I go from Escape from Tarkov to PUBG (PlayersUnknown BattleGrounds) to Forza 7. I was told I’m very good at Rainbow Six Siege.

  • Tell us about your set-up and what your streaming essentials are?

    I just stream off my gaming pc I don’t really have nothing special, but little by little I try to upgrade my PC I use a Logitech C920 HD Pro cam.

  • And what your favorite aspect of Live-streaming is?

    My favorite aspect of it is definitely having people who enjoy your gaming or just your streams in general. It feels good to see when people come back every day or at least when they can.

  • Have you had any difficult seasons/experiences in your stream history?

    How did you overcome them? Yes, there’s always gonna be a slump when you stream. The best way to overcome it is to keep a smile in your face and just keep going cause one day you it will change.

  • What is some advice you would give to someone considering becoming a streamer?

    Never give up, if you don’t have the income to have all the equipment, take your time and slowly get all the gear you need.

  • Tell me what makes your stream special, that you want viewers to know?

    I’d take my viewers before any game if I have you talking that matters most to me.

Please take the time to congratulate Teggalicious this week as our Streamer of the Week!

- SenshiRen, Editor, Twerk Gazette