SenshiRen by SenshiRen on Dec 29, 2017

Congratulations ShadowFox on winning Clip of the Week! Here is our interview with our winner.

  • Senshi: Tell me, what game were you playing and on what platform?

    ShadowFox: PlayersUnknown BattleGrounds on PC

  • Senshi: I love your reaction when you get the hit. A 500-meter headshot, tell me how that felt?

    ShadowFox: I was a bit shocked when I called the distance and actually hit the target so easily

  • Senshi: Do you attribute such a spectacular move to skill, luck, or hardwork/practice? Why?

    ShadowFox: Little bit of all, granted I do it a lot, but not always do I land them with ease like that shot. Though a lot of it does come from practicing.

Please take the time to congratulate ShadowFox this week for winning Clip of the Week!

- SenshiRen, Editor, Twerk Gazette